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The change event is triggered by real user events only not javascript actions. You may trigger the change event, like - asp:TextBox ReadOnlytrue or Enabledfalse? - Stack Overflow. Когда к тегу добавляется атрибут readonly, текстовое поле не может изменяться пользователем, в том числе вводиться новый текст или модифицироваться существующий. A TextBox (TextBox1) has been defined with ReadOnly attribute set to True. Then we defined a Button1 here to update the value of TextBox1 with Javascript. Notice that false is returned in the OnClientClick event to tell the page do not generate a Postback when Button1 is clicked. How do you set the Textbox read only property to true or false using JavaScript in ASP.NET? javascript textbox readonly. share|improve this question. But only the last textbox is being set to readonlyfalse the above input boxes are still set readonly.javascript jquery html dynamic. Recent Questions. how to create generic parametric arrays. Here is a quick solution that works across the all browsers. Add below code in input textbox. OnKeyPress "javascript: return false" onPaste "javascript: return false" . That way, even the textbox is enabled, the user will not be able to modify the data.